Preparing For Door-To-Door Car Shipping: What To Expect 

23 Jun 2023

Door-to-door shipping is a logistics system that involves pickup of an item from one residence and delivery to another. In this sense, the person who is shipping and receiving the item is only responsible for getting themselves from residence A to residence B; they do not have to physically transport the item themselves. As you might imagine, this is a particularly useful system when shipping large items like automotives. Presuming the car is prepared properly and the required documentation is in check, the owner can sit back, relax and watch as a reputable shipping company facilitates the transit of their vehicle from their front door to an interstate or overseas destination. 

Preparing Your Car 

To prepare a car for domestic or international transport, thorough cleaning must take place. Any dirt, grime or mud that can contain traces of local micro-organisms must be removed entirely from the exterior and interior of the vehicle. In addition to this, any personal items or effects must be removed from the inside of the vehicle or it’s highly likely that the car will be impounded by customs – at great inconvenience to the owner. 

Car Shipping Documentation 

The most fundamentally-important documents that must be prepared and delivered to the shipping company transporting a car overseas are proof of registration and ownership and proof of insurance during transit. If these are filled out to a perfect degree and supplied to the shipping company, moving past customs will be an incredibly easy task. More information about car shipping documentation can be found by reading our blog. 

Preparing for Vehicle Pick-Up and Shipping 

Following preparation of a car and its associated shipping documentation, the owner must coordinate with the shipping company to determine the time and location of pick-up. At the time of pick-up, any existing damage to the car should be noted by the shipping company in order to make sure any insurance claims for damage sustained during transit are legitimate. 

Car Tracking 

After a car has departed its point of origin and is on the waves travelling to its new home, item tracking most certainly should be facilitated by the shipping company. The owner of the car should be able to check in on the last port of call of the freight ship and keep an eye on the status of their shipment. This process makes it easier to coordinate arrival at a new home at the same time as arrival of the car. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia?  

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