Boat Transport Australia

Buying a boat overseas and you need to ship it to Australia? Or are you moving from Australia to New Zealand and want to take your boat with you?

We provide Roll on/Roll off Services for all boats on trailers.

Dolphin Shipping cargo can assist you with all the logistical issues of transporting your boat from Australia to almost anywhere in the world and of course also from overseas’ to Australia.

Our boat shipping service experts strive to make sure your plans to ship or relocate your boat goes according to plan.

Our goal is to coordinate the move from start to finish and take the stress out of International boat shipping.

Boats and yachts on trailers when shipped as underdeck cargo are Ro/Ro cargo as they are towed on and off specialised vessels, imagine a floating fully covered parking lot. The boats and yachts are parked inside the vessel secured and lashed for the sea passage.

For importation into Australia you will require an import permit (known as a “VIA” for the trailer. Dolphin Shipping can help toy with the permit application process, the import permit is a legal requirement for the customs clearance. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the guidelines for importing boat and yacht trailers.

Road permits from the various Australian authorities are separate to trailer import permits, as your boat or yacht trailer will be unregistered on arrival into Australia. The regulations vary between states in Australia so please contact us for the details.

What you should do before shipping your boat?

Make sure that all loose items in your vessel such as plates, galley utensils, personal items or any other non-secured have been secured or removed from the vessel. Gas bottles and fire extinguishers need to be removed. Don’t forget to empty all fuel and water from the vessel while also disconnecting all battery cables.

By removing any device or fixture that extends beyond the hull of the boat such as antennas, radar, compasses or depth sounders, this can help reduce the overall dimensions and this can help reduce the cost of shipping.

These devices should be secured inside the boat for shipping. Secure decor items such as tops, curtains, seat cushions.

All personal items should be removed from the boat before transport. These include clothing, sporting goods, fire-arms of course and any other materials that are not part of the vessel.

Our shipping services include:

  • Inland transportation
  • Tarp and Wrap
  • Storage
  • Biosecurity cleaning
  • Documentation and customs clearance
  • Marine Insurance


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Importing vehicles can be a very difficult task. Let us be the experts and help you get the vehicle you want.
We offer a simple and cost-effective three-step streamlined process.


Tell us what you want to ship from where, to where.


Documents &
Provide the item, relevant documents including customs information.


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Pick it up from the destination!

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