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All vehicles arriving into Australia to be driven on Australian roads require a vehicle import approval.

When asking yourself what cars can I import into Australia, see below if your vehicle qualifies and check https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/infrastructure-transport-vehicles/vehicles/importing-vehicle/quiz

There are a number of options available when applying for a vehicle import approval:

  • Vehicles more than 25 years old (i.e. manufactured before 1997)
  • Personal Import Option
  • Australian Plated Vehicles
  • Small Road Trailers
  • Race, Rally and Support Vehicles
  • Letter of Compliance
  • Special Purpose-Built Vehicles
  • Exhibition Vehicles
  • Non-Road Vehicles
  • Vehicles in Transit
  • New Vehicles (including large trailers)
  • Test and Evaluation Vehicles
  • Discretionary Approval
  • RAWS / SEVS Scheme
  • Carnet de Passage

Export & Import - Vehicle Shipping Australia

Vehicles Manufactured before 1997 Option

This option allows for the importation of road vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1997. This option is designed to cater for the importation of older enthusiast, classic or historic vehicles.

Personal Import Option

This option allows migrants settling in Australia or expatriate Australian citizens returning permanently to Australia after a long period overseas, to bring their personal vehicle with them as long as it has been owned for the qualifying 12-month period.

Australian Plated Vehicles Option

This option allows road vehicles originally sourced within Australia but subsequently exported to be re-imported.

Small Road Trailers Option

This option allows for the importation of road trailers that have an Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) not more than 4.5 tonnes.

Race and Rally and Support Vehicles Option

This option allows for the importation of vehicles intended to be used for road vehicle rallies, closed circuit road vehicle racing and vehicles designed to support road vehicle racing or rallying.

Letter of Compliance Option

This option allows for the importation of vehicles which complied with the applicable Australian Design Rules (ADRs) at the time the vehicle was originally supplied to the market overseas.

Special Purpose Vehicles Option

This option allows for the importation of special purpose vehicles including city utility vehicles (fire tenders, garbage trucks, street sweepers), mobile cranes, mobile drilling rigs, and mobile plant and equipment.

Non-Road Vehicles Option

A ‘non-road vehicle’ (often referred to as ‘non-transport equipment’ and/or ‘off-road vehicles’) refers to a vehicle not principally designed for use in transport and/or is not permitted to be driven on public roads.

Vehicles in Transit Option

This option allows the importation of vehicles for the purpose of having modifications, repair or other work performed on the vehicle. The vehicle is to be re-exported without being used as transport in Australia.

New Vehicles (including Large Trailers) for use on road Option

This option allows for the importation of road vehicles in either low or full volume including road trailers that weigh more than 4.5 tonnes Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM).

Test and Evaluation Vehicles

This scheme allows for the importation of vehicles for testing to meet certification standards and/or evaluation of performance in Australian conditions and transport systems. This includes trials of automated vehicles.

Discretionary Approvals

Vehicles not covered under other options may be approved with discretion in exceptional circumstances. The approval usually has conditions attached.

Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme

This scheme allows for the importation and supply to the market of used vehicles. Approved Registered Automotive Workshops (RAWs) import, modify and plate used vehicles in accordance with concessional standards.

Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Register

Listing on the Register of Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles means that vehicles can be imported into Australia under the Low Volume Vehicles Scheme and the Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme.

Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA)

This agreement allows for the importation of road vehicles by military personnel temporarily posted to Australia under the terms of an intergovernmental agreement.

Carnet de Passage

This ‘Carnet de Passage en Douane’ is an international agreement which allows the temporary import of a vehicle for up to 12 months by visitors to Australia. The carnet is obtained in the country of residence.

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