Dolphin Shipping has an experienced and well-connected team that can ship vehicles between Australia, the UK and mainland Europe with ease.

The United Kingdom & the rest of Europe is a great place to source an electric vehicle, a luxury vehicle, a motorhome, caravan or RV. Therefore it isn’t just cars that can be shipped from Europe. Remember, vehicles can only be imported into Australia after an import permit (known as the “VIA”) has been successfully applied for by the importer.

Exemptions exist for tourist who can bring vehicles into Australia for 12 month on a so-called “Carnet de Passage”

Europe and the United Kingdom are great sources of sightseeing, experiences, and a great RV range. Therefore, if you need assistance with shipping a motorhome, get in touch.

Dolphin Shipping can help get your dream vehicle to you.

Some of the most common routes are between Australia and the United Kingdom, however, we have had clients wanting to ship vehicles from all over Europe. No matter what vehicle, Dolphin Shipping will be able to help.

We are the experts – you can rely on us to simplify the process and ensure YOU don’t need to be an expert in customs and quarantine rules.

A Step-by-Step Guide:

  • Enquire and provide details of your vehicles.
  • We’ll send you a comprehensive quote.
  • Next, you’ll be required to meet the required vehicle import approval. Please contact us for more information or click here for information on the import approval process.
  • Once approval is granted, a booking is made, and shipment details are provided to you.
  • Vehicles are shipped to your destination.

All-Inclusive Packages Can Include:

  • Export bookings
  • Full ocean freight
  • Marine insurance
  • Shipping line surcharges
  • Document handling
  • Arrival port service charges in Australia
  • Arrival Customs clearance and handling

Contact us to arrange your package and service.



Our shipping process as easy as 1-2-3
Importing vehicles can be a very difficult task. Let us be the experts and help you get the vehicle you want.
We offer a simple and cost-effective three-step streamlined process.


Tell us what you want to ship from where, to where.


Documents &
Provide the item, relevant documents including customs information.


Delivered to
Pick it up from the destination!

Ship between Europe and Australia