Export & import machinery
and heavy vehicles into Australia

Dolphin Shipping is an expert in the import and export of quality new and used vehicles to Australia. We ship to and from multiple ports in the UK, mainland Europe, New Zealand, and some African countries

Our door to door service lets you relax knowing we will handle shipping your vehicle from A to Z at a cost effective and simple solution.

We offer 2 types of car shipping, Roll on / Roll off (RO/RO), and containerized. This gives you the best options for high value vehicles that you may want protected by a container, or the cheapest option for shipping by utilizing a RO/RO service.

We offer a simple three-step streamlined shipping process. You tell us what you want. We’ll have it picked up, packed, shipped (handling all relevant documentation) and delivered to your door. We’re the experts so you don’t have to be.

There are often many solutions to your shipping needs. The more information you provide us the better we are able to find the solution that is right for you.

We believe communication is the most important aspect of our job. Usually we will have informed you of any updates regarding your shipping before you even ask us the question.

Our prices are guaranteed, if we have not quoted you for it, we will not bill you for it.  There are no hidden fees or agendas in our car relocation service.

Transit Times (port-to-port)

Transit times vary around the world and also depend on direct or transhipment services.

Europe and UK – Approximately 55 Days

New Zealand – Approximately 10 Days

Japan – Approximately 25 Days

Australia has strict rules regarding importing vehicles to Australia so it is best to make sure your vehicle qualifies when applying for a Vehicle Import Approval.
Contact our team now to discuss the best option for shipping your vehicle.


Our shipping process as easy as 1-2-3
Importing vehicles can be a very difficult task. Let us be the experts and help you get the vehicle you want.
We offer a simple and cost-effective three-step streamlined process.


Tell us what you want to ship from where, to where.


Documents &
Provide the item, relevant documents including customs information.


Delivered to
Pick it up from the destination!

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