What Documents Do I Need to Import a Car to Australia?

22 Nov 2022

Shipping a car internationally can be complicated. If you do not have the required documents ready before the vessel containing your vehicle departs, things can get messy and your cargo might get impounded. However, if you have taken the time to prepare the right documents before shipping your car, the process is generally a smooth one and can be completed without any unnecessary interruptions. 

What Documents do I Need to Ship my Car? 

Commercial Invoice 

When you purchase a motor vehicle, the supplier is required by law to provide you with a commercial invoice. You will need to supply Dolphin Cargo with the final invoice provided by your supplier upon completing the transaction for your car. 

Import Approval 

When you ship your car from another country to Australia, you must have import approval (“VIA”) from Australian customs prior to shipping. If this is not provided before you ship your car, significant storage costs may be incurred upon arrival. 

Asbestos Declaration 

You will need to hire a mechanical contractor to inspect your vehicle and sign a declaration which states that the vehicle does not contain any asbestos. 

Origin Certification Document  

An origin certification document is an important international trade document which certifies that goods in a particular export shipment are wholly obtained, produced, manufactured or processed in a particular country. An eligible unit would be exempt from duty fees and must be made in Japan. 

Low Volume Import License Exemption For Equipment 

A document with a statement confirming importers can import up to a total of 25 kilograms of gas a year before a DEGAS license is required. 

Letter of Authority  

A document to confirm authorization for our company to be the appointed customs broker to process customs clearance of your shipment/s on your behalf. This means that no Letterhead or  ABN is required for persons importing a vehicle for personal use. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia? 

As well as understanding the regulations governing compliance with Australian import and export laws, Dolphin Cargo offers premium logistics and supply chain management for motor vehicles, boats and other large machinery. Enjoy peace of mind by using Dolphin Shipping Australia: you’re in good hands.