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Importing A Caravan Into Australia

Dolphin Shipping offers significant expertise in the lifestyle vehicle market, international RV shipping and caravan shipping. We provide our simple three-step service for shipping motorhomes, campers, caravan imports to Australia.

Many of our customers are keen to take advantage of the great range of vehicles available, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and bring that choice home by importing a caravan into Australia. From dealers wanting the greatest range of vehicles to individuals wanting to import camper after travelling around the UK or Europe, Dolphin Shipping has the expertise to help. Importing caravan from USA to Australia is also an option after exploring all that the USA open road has to offer.

Astute buyers know the UK and Europe has a great range of motorhomes and RVs and importing a campervan from UK is a serious option. With many more people wanting to experience the beauty of Australia from the comfort of their own motorhome, the demand for quality affordable vehicles and caravan import is high. Similar things can be said about the USA and importing caravan from USA to Australia or if you are looking at going the other way and shipping campervan to USA.

Shipping an RV to Europe or import RV from Europe, it can be done, however there are set requirements to be met and it is very important to get in touch with a company like Dolphin Shipping to ensure you are in the right track before making a purchase.

Whether you're looking for a classic VW Kombi or a modern motor-home, we can help. Get in touch with the team now for help with shipping caravan to Australia.


Importing Motorhomes Into Australia

If you are planning to import a motorhome to Australia, give us a call as Australia has quite strict rules regarding importing motorhomes into Australia. 

On the rare occasion a motorhome is small enough for a container we will use that option, but most would need to use the Roll on / Roll off service to import motorhome. The price for shipping on the RORO service is dependant on the size of the motorhome. Dimensions of the motorhome from its most extreme points (tow bar, bull bar, side mirrors, exhausts etc). The smaller you can make the motorhome by removing these items the cheaper price you pay.

Dolphin Shipping is one of the most reliable motorhome importers Australia wide, and will be happy to assist you at any stage of the process of international motorhome shipping.

Shipping a motorhome to New Zealand is popular amongst people looking to move between countries or buyers looking for a bargain. Motorhome import is more complex than motorhome export which is why most people will look at imported motorhomes for sale through a dealership. 


Easy to use & reliable international motorhome/caravan shipping with no hidden costs. Whether importing an RV from the UK, USA or traveling around, trust us to get the job done! Call us to discuss the best options available to you.