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Caravan Shipping

There are few better ways to experience a country than to immerse yourself in it. Those that have enjoyed vacationing in a caravan or by touring about in a motorhome will appreciate the freedom and ability to soak up new surroundings in a much more immediate way. However, some of the best recreational vehicles on the market are available in the UK and USA, and so accessing them can be a little tricky.

That’s where the team here at Dolphin Shipping come in. We are specialists when it comes to caravan shipping and our simple three-step process will leave it much easier for you to acquire the RV of your dreams with little hassle or fuss.

Caravan Shipping to and from Australia 

With over 30 years of experience doing what we do, our multi-national presence ensures that our team will be able to competently assist in the transportation of your vehicle and deliver appropriate solutions where problems arise.

When you choose our company, you can avail of a door-to-door service that will relieve you of all of the difficulties associated with international shipping. We provide full shipping agent services, which means that customs and quarantine clearance will be taken care of as well as domestic and interstate cartage services.

What To Remember With Caravan Shipping

At Dolphin Shipping, our international presence makes us that little bit more attuned to the shifting nature of the markets. As such, while the decision ultimately lies with you and you will seek and spend on the RV that is most attractive, there are a few things worth bearing in mind in terms of where and when you buy.

As we are all more than aware, political upheaval is something that never really goes away. As such, before you buy and opt for motor home shipping, it is worth considering the trade agreements in place between Australia and the country that you intend to buy from.

There are very strict rules in place in Australia with regards to the importing of motor homes and so it is always worth retaining the services of the team here at Dolphin Shipping who can make the import process that little bit more straight-forward.

Naturally, with changing political and market conditions, this can have a bearing on the value for money you are able to command. Currency shifts could make it more attractive to buy your new caravan or motor home from the United States of America, rather than from the United Kingdom, or vice versa. The good news here is that since we ship from multiple ports in each country, you need not to worry about figuring out how to get your new RV to Australia.

Nobody wants to feel uncertain about who they are buying from, so in the event that you are buying from a seller in the USA, our experienced staff can provide an independent inspection and even complete the money transfer on your behalf.

How Long Does Motor Home Shipping Take?

At Dolphin Shipping, we estimate transit times from Europe and the UK at approximately 55 days and from the USA at approximately 50 days. Those looking to Asia and New Zealand for their purchases can expect delivery within approximately 20 days and 10 days respectively.

With our prices guaranteed and no hidden fees or agendas, when it comes to caravan shipping and motor home shipping there really is no better company to choose. Get in touch today to organise a quote.

Dolphin Shipping specialises in multi-national shipping & logistics in Sydney. We help clients import vehicles into Australia, as well as helping customers ship their cars to Australia. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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Caravan / Camper Shipping

Dolphin Shipping offers significant expertise in the lifestyle vehicle and RV market. We provide our simple three-step service for shipping motor-homes, campers, caravans and boats to Australia.

Many of our customers are keen to take advantage of the great range of vehicles available, particularly in the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and bring that choice home. From dealers wanting the greatest range of vehicles to individuals wanting to bring home a camper after travelling around the UK or Europe, Dolphin Shipping has the expertise to help.

Astute buyers know the UK and Europe has a great range of motor-homes and RVs. With many more people wanting to experience the beauty of Australia from the comfort of their own motor-home, the demand for quality affordable vehicles is high.

Whether you're looking for a classic VW Kombi or a modern motor-home, we can help. Get in touch with the team now to see how we can help.


Motorhome Shipping

If you are planning to import a motorhome to Australia, give us a call as Australia has quite strict rules regarding importing of motorhomes. 

On the rare occasion a motorhome is small enough for a container we will use that option, but most would need to use the Roll on / Roll off service. The price for shipping on the RORO service is dependant on the size of the motorhome. Dimensions of the motorhome from its most extreme points (tow bar, bull bar, side mirrors, exhausts etc). The smaller you can make the motorhome by removing these items the cheaper price you pay.


Easy to use & reliable international motorhome/caravan shipping with no hidden costs. Whether importing an RV from the UK, USA or traveling around, trust us to get the job done! Call us to discuss the best options available to you.