How Do We Track Your Shipment?

28 Sep 2022

Package tracking is a common service offered by most freight companies. Customers need to keep track of their packages for peace of mind and to prevent packages being lost enroute. Dolphin Shipping Australia uses the standard tracking method to keep a record of shipments we handle. Our tracking system simply displays the last handover location and can be used to keep track of the various stops a package makes on its way to its final destination. In this blog post we explain how this shipment tracking technology works and how to track your shipment transported by Dolphin Shipping Australia 

How Does Tracking Work? 

The first step in the delivery tracking process is generating a barcode. A barcode is a unique signature which contains all the information listed in the paragraph above. After a barcode has been generated and assigned to a shipment it is scanned at the port of departure and any handover stops. This enables the logistics technology to keep track of the shipment in a database. After packages are scanned and logged, they can easily be tracked in real-time by both logistics companies and their clients. Information such as destination, current location and estimated delivery date become available at the click of a button. Finally, when a package arrives at its destination it is scanned one more time and all parties invested in the package’s delivery receive notification that it has arrived. 

How Do I Track My Shipment? 

To track the last known location of your shipment delivered by Dolphin Shipping Australia, just click on the button which reads “Track and Trace”; located on the right-hand side of our home page. You will need to enter either HBL number, Shipment number or VIN details to retrieve the tracking information for your shipment. Please contact us if you don’t know your shipment details. 

How Long Does Car Shipping Take? 

Car shipping to most destinations can be completed in two weeks or less. This duration includes the time it takes to pick up the vehicle, generate tracking information and transport it from destination A to destination B. By preparing all your documents before your vehicle is picked up for transport, you can ensure that the time it takes to transport your vehicle to its final destination is kept as short as possible. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia? 

Dolphin Shipping Australia is a long-term shipping operation. Our specialties include shipping cars, boats and other large machinery globally. Our international network of logistics and supply chain managers ensures your shipment arrives on-time in perfect condition. Our logistics technology also enables you to keep track of your shipment at all times during its journey. Enjoy peace of mind by using Dolphin Shipping Australia: you’re in good hands.