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Dolphin Shipping is a long-established multi-national shipping and logistics specialist. We provide specialist vehicle importing and exporting services, helping Australians transport cars, motorbikes, boats, motor-homes and RVs, heavy machinery and more.

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We also provide full shipping agent services, including customs and quarantine clearance, offers domestic cartage services, transport between Australia and New Zealand and general import/export services.

We have highly experienced staff in Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom ready to make your vehicle freighting experience simple, reliable and cost-effective.

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Importing vehicles into Australia can be a very difficult task. Let us be the experts and help you get the vehicle you want.

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International Vehicle Shipping To Australia

Transportation is one of the more time-consuming and labour intensive parts of acquiring or delivering vehicles. The sheer size of what you want to transport as well as its weight, and inherent value, make it a tricky proposition, particularly when sourcing from abroad.

As such, while the cost of achieving the safe delivery of a vehicle is always going to factor, retaining the services of professionals with a wealth of experience in international vehicle shipping is vital.

Vehicle Shipping To and From Australia

At Dolphin Shipping, we have been working in this industry for over 30 years and in that time we have adapted our processes and standards to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers. As specialist import and export service providers, we draw on our long-established multi-national shipping and logistics resources to ensure that our clients get the most reliable, flexible and timely service available.

We understand that the process of shipping a car, truck, motorhome or even machinery is a challenging one, made even more complicated by Australia’s strict quarantine and customs inspections, and the rules and regulations that go hand-in-hand with them. As such, we take care of all aspects of transportation, including clearance and handling, so all you have to do is let us know where and when to collect and drop your vehicle. 

How We Do Vehicle Shipping In Australia 

Here at Dolphin Shipping, we adapt our vehicle shipping in Australia to suit your needs and budget. As such, while many customers will choose the RO/RO option, we appreciate that there are others who have acquired or sold a vehicle that is worth a lot of money and needs something extra.

Container shipping is the ideal choice for those who wish to spend a little more but in doing so guarantee that their vehicle will be completely safe throughout the journey.

Since your vehicle will be transported via the ocean and over thousands and thousands of miles, a container is a good choice as containerised vehicles load from almost all major international ports, your vehicle can carry inner cargo and you can consolidate your vehicle (e.g. 1 vehicle with caravan in 40ft container) where possible, ensuring you get the best possible shipping rate.

Classic and luxury cars don’t come cheap, and so when you are completing the transfer of ownership, you want absolute certainty that the vehicle will be completely secure while in transit. At Dolphin Shipping, your car will remain locked up in its container until it is delivered.

While RO/RO shipping enables customers to access better rates and still see their vehicles delivered in the same condition that they left in, there are plenty of others who want that extra peace of mind, and so container shipping is the best fit.

The Best Choice for International Vehicle Shipping

At Dolphin Shipping, all of our prices are guaranteed. So, once you receive a quote from us, that’s the price that you will pay and not a cent more. We don’t believe in hidden fees but we do believe in honouring the quotes that we give our prospective customers, and so, even if there is an omission rest assured that we won’t try to add that amount back onto your bill.

Given that we have staff in Australia, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, as well as agents in North America and ship from multiple ports in each location, we truly are the best choice for vehicle shipping to Australia. So, tell us what you want, we’ll pick it up, pack and ship it, and before long it will be delivered to your door.

Dolphin Shipping specialises in multi-national shipping & logistics in Sydney. We help clients import vehicles into Australia, as well as helping customers ship their cars to Australia. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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There are a number of ways vehicles can be imported into Australia. These include:

  • Vehicles manufactured before 1 January 1989.
  • RAWS (Registered Automotive Workshop Scheme).
  • Personal Import Scheme.
  • Temporary Imports (such as a carnet).

For more information on these import methods, please contact us.