Our Japan to Australia shipment offering can be broken down into separate components, so you can choose as many or as few as you need. We can package everything into one easy door-to-door service. Or if you require something less comprehensive, we’ll happily put together the components you need. Below is in-depth list of our service components customers can choose from.


Export & Import Vehicles into Australia – Car Transport Australia
Dolphin Shipping is a long-established multi-national shipping and logistics specialist. We provide specialist vehicle shipping services, helping everybody to transport cars,. Importing vehicles and exporting to almost anywhere in the world. We’ll help you with all sized vehicles.

Transporting vehicles into Australia requires experience and industry knowledge that only a few international vehicle shipping companies like Dolphin Shipping, are able to provide.

Shipping a vehicle to anywhere else in the world requires the services of a company like Dolphin Shipping, which is able to provide a complete door-to-door service through its worldwide network. That is why we are one of the most trusted transporters in Australia, that deal with international freight.

We also provide full shipping agent services, including customs and quarantine clearance, offers domestic cartage services.

Our vast experience means you are in the best hands to make the shipping process as smooth as possible.


Purchasing and importing boats from overseas can save you considerable amounts and also give you access to a wide range of boats which may not be available in Australia.

We ship to and from from locations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Shipping boats is a unique service requiring sound experience and should not be left to chance. We handle only boats on trailers which are shipped on Ro/Ro (roll on / roll off vessels).

The benefits are obvious: Your boat has minimal handling, and therefore less chance of damage because it gets just towed inside the ship and towed out again. So there is no need for any forklifting or and trying to wedge inside a confined space.

Boats are shipped below deck in a secure weather proof hold. Whats more, all Quarantine inspection and wash can be done at the port with no need for additional costs to transfer off port.

High & Heavy

If it rolls – Dolphin Shipping can handle it.

It’s that easy. Really! Dolphin Shipping ships your cargo using Roll on/Roll off (Ro/Ro) vessels. Your cargo is loaded and unloaded using the ramp on the side or rear of the vessel, on its own wheels or tracks. Static cargo will be loaded on special roll-trailers (so called Mafis).

See a Ro/Ro vessel as a big floating multi-storey parking lot. Want to ship your bus, truck or earth moving equipment? Look no further, Dolphin Shipping will handle the job! Ro/Ro shipping is a very cost-effective and reliable means by which to ship anything that rolls around the world.

Shipping mining trucks, shipping agricultural machinery or shipping a log skidder, shipping a trailer or shipping a mobile crane: Dolphin Shipping’s Ro/Ro shipping prices and service extras are hard to beat.

General Cargo

Dolphin Shipping offer a comprehensive range of export and import sea freight services. Whether you ship a Full Container Load (FCL) or require LCL services, Dolphin Shipping can assist you today with all of your global sea freight requirements. Dolphin Shipping are part of the World Cargo Alliance (WCA) a global network of independent agents around the world.

With regular weekly LCL services from China, Europe, North America, NZ and South East Asia are able to offer importers cost-effective services for smaller shipments that are too large for air freight, but too small for a full container load.

We are also able to offer very competitive import FCL rates, with both direct or transhipment services options, to and from all major ports in Australia, utilizing all major shipping lines.

Contact us on 02 9059 6688 or email to whenever you need assistance with a sea freight quotation, or to organise your next sea freight shipment through Dolphin Shipping.


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