What Border Security Requirements Apply to Shipping a Car? 

20 Oct 2022

When you ship a car from or to Australia, there are border security requirements that must be complied with on both ends of the journey. Border security requirements differ by country, yet generally require an import pass of some kind for export and import. There are also environmental concerns to be considered when shipping a car internationally. In Australia, border security requires an approval from the Department of Infrastructure, Transport Regional Development and Communications. There are two varieties of approval pass available: 

Vehicle Import Approvals

Vehicle Type Approvals 

Vehicle type approvals are required when an unlimited number of cars of the same brand require importation. These licenses are usually sought by commercial ventures. 

Single Road Vehicles Approvals 

When one or a few vehicles must be imported, a single road vehicle approval is required for each vehicle being imported. Registration of an imported vehicle as an approved vehicle can be completed at the same time as application for the approval. Registration as an approved vehicle is not needed if the car is being used for special purposes (like exhibitions or races) and not for the purposes of driving on Australian roads.  

You can read more about the requirements of approving approval to import your vehicle here. 

Gaining an Approval 

To gain an import approval when shipping with Dolphin Shipping, you must prepare the following documents: 

  • Commercial invoice 
  • Import approval 
  • Asbestos declaration 
  • Origin certification document 
  • Low volume import licence 
  • Letter of authority 

Vehicle Export Approvals

Carnet de Passages en Douane (CPD). 

A carnet de passages en doane (CPD) is a temporary pass which allows drivers to export vehicles overseas for the purpose of touring. A CPD guarantees border security that the shipping company will pay customs fees on the vehicle upon entering the country. Apply here. 

Other Exports 

When exporting your vehicle overseas for the long-term, the following documents will be required: 

  • Copy of the registered owner’s passport or drivers’ license 
  • Copy of registration papers. 
  • Copy of bill of sale. 
  • Photos of the car (if insurance is requested) 
  • Odometer reading (for certain countries) 

Dolphin Shipping Australia is familiar with all Australian importation and export requirements for motor vehicles. If you have any questions, read our FAQ or contact us. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia?

As well as understanding the regulations governing compliance with Australian import and export laws, Dolphin Cargo offers premium logistics and supply chain management for motor vehicles, boats and other large machinery. Enjoy peace of mind by using Dolphin Shipping Australia: you’re in good hands.