The bigger the vehicle, the more important it is to speak to the right people. We have the experience and knowledge to ship any sized truck into and out of Australia. 

Dolphin Shipping is the expert in making sure your vehicle is the smallest possible size for shipping, helping save you money on freight costs and making the whole process simpler. 

Much like our other shipping options, our network is already set up worldwide to get you the best rates and service for shipping.

Roll on / Roll off (RORO) is the best way to get your trucks into and out of the country and we have great contracted rates with all the major carriers for Australia. We have you covered for local transport too. 

A lot of other Freight Forwarders do not specialise in this area and it is that inexperience that inevitablly leads to extra costs and long delays.

Speak to us to get the best shipping services and rates and make your truck shipping a simple experience.

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