Tips For Shipping Specialty Vehicles, Such As Classic Cars Or Motorcycles 

22 May 2023

Vehicle shipping has many benefits, one of them is enabling collectors and luxury vehicle owners to import cars that are otherwise unavailable in their home country. Given their scarcity, it follows that special care and attention needs to be given in order to make sure vehicles reach their destination safely and undamaged. In this blog post we outline tips for shipping specialty vehicles, such as classic cars or motorcycles, to ensure you are as prepared as possible to receive your specialty vehicle – in one piece. We discuss how to choose the right shipping company, how to prepare the vehicle for shipping and what you need to communicate with the shipping company before and during shipment. 

Choosing the Right Shipping Company 

Choosing a reputable and experienced shipping company is really important. It’s best practice to research the company’s reputation as well as their licensing and insurance to make sure that you’re not being scammed and that you won’t be out of pocket in the event of an accident during transit. We discussed how to choose a reputable shipping company in greater detail in our previous blog post. 

How To Prepare Your Vehicle For Shipping 

Preparing your vehicle for shipping is a legal requirement. If your vehicle has not undergone a service check and is not empty, it will be impounded at customs. Furthermore, if you have not documented every instance of existing damage to your car, it will be difficult to claim on insurance any dings or scratches that occur during its journey overseas. Make sure that your vehicle has been serviced, empty it of personal belongings and document any existing damage to prepare for shipping. 

Communicate With the Shipping Company 

If you are shipping a specialty vehicle, such as a classic car or motorcycle, it’s important that you communicate any special needs your vehicle has to your chosen shipping company. Custom paintwork or protruding features are some examples of things to identify to make sure they are cared for properly during the vehicle’s travel. Provide all documentation asked of you by the shipping company and be sure to ask them how to keep track of your shipment while it is en-route. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia? 

As well as understanding the regulations governing compliance with Australian import and export laws, Dolphin Cargo offers premium logistics and supply chain management for specialty motor vehicles, such as classic cars or motorcycles. Enjoy peace of mind by using Dolphin Shipping Australia: you’re in good hands.