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Andrew Hughes

Andrew has worked in the Freight Industry for 14 years, focusing on used vehicle Imports and Exports for the last eight years. He was involved in setting up many of the procedures used by most importing companies for used vehicles into Australia. Contact Andrew:

Mobile +61 416 344 322


Ben Simpson

Ben completed his Bachelor of Business majoring in International Business, following 11 years’ experience in the Logistics Industry. He was introduced to International Shipping and Logistics when joining Dolphin Shipping as Operations Manager in 2015.

Contact Ben:

Mobile +61 410 499 577


Nick Scott

Nick has worked in the Freight Industry for 11 years, focusing on used Machinery Imports and Exports for the last five years. He has been working within the Mining and Agricultural scene building Dolphin Shipping's footprint into that market.

Contact Nick:

Mobile +61 433 990 231


Ana Sehovic

Ana has worked in the Accounting Industry for 15 years, focussing on the wholesale and retail sectors and has now joined Dolphin Shipping to further build on her expansive knowledge. On the weekends she is usually spending time with her young family, cooking up a storm and reading health blogs.

Contact Ana:

Phone: +61 2 9059 6688


Courtney Warburton

Courtney has been in Administration for the last 5 years and has recently made the switch to Freight. She is rapidly expanding her knowledge in the Freight Industry and is a welcomed addition to our growing team.

Contact Courtney:

Phone: +61 2 9059 6688