Shipping Motorcycles and ATVs in Australia 

21 Oct 2023

It’s not just professional riders that may need to ship a motorcycle or ATV into Australia. Farmers, regional workers and folk who live in areas where there’s enough room to ride bikes and ATVs as a hobby may consider doing this too. City dwellers who fancy a particular model of vehicle unavailable to purchase in Australia may also be consider buying one overseas and shipping it in! 

Types of Motorcycle and ATV Shipping Service 

There are three main shipping services for motorcycles and ATVs: open transport, closed transport and crate shipping. Open transport involves loading motorcycles and ATVs onto an open-air trailer or carrier. It’s the most-affordable option, but vehicles are exposed to the elements during transit, so it may be unwise to choose for those importing luxury or custom vehicles. Enclosed transport uses a closed trailer or container to transport motorcycles and ATVs. It’s slightly more expensive, but offers more protection against the elements and theft. Finally, crate shipping involves sealing the vehicle in a wooden box or crate. It offers the most protection but is the most expensive choice when importing a motorcycle or ATV. 

Preparing Your Motorcycle and ATV for Shipping 

If you are exporting your existing motorcycle or ATV there are a few steps you must take to ensure it’s ready for shipment. Vehicles must be cleaned properly to ensure that local biomaterials do not pose a risk to foreign ecosystems. Any loose items on the vehicle must be secured properly too; otherwise they could fall off. Finally, the vehicle’s battery must be disconnected to eliminate the risk of an electrical fire while in transit. 

Vehicle Shipping Insurance 

It’s a wise idea to ensure you have purchased the right level of insurance for your vehicle during transit. This protects your asset against damage from the elements and from banging about when the shipping transport is in motion. It also protects against theft. 

Legal and Regulatory Considerations 

To import a motorcycle or ATV into Australia, you may need to obtain a Vehicle Importation Permit (VIP) from the Australian Government’s Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, and Communications. The VIP is necessary for vehicles that are not already registered in Australia and vehicles that do not comply with Australian Design Rules (ADR). Vehicles imported into Australia must comply with Australian Design Rules, be roadworthy and free from ecological contaminants. 

If you plan to export a motorcycle or ATV out of Australia, you may need to comply with the export regulations of the Australian Government. As mentioned, this may include ensuring that your vehicle meets certain environmental and safety standards of the destination country. You will need to provide customs at the destination country with the vehicle’s registration, ownership documents and any applicable permits. 

Once your motorcycle or ATV has cleared customs and quarantine you will need to ensure it is registered in your state or territory. 

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