Shipping Cars For Online Vehicle Purchases 

21 Aug 2023

Purchasing cars online is becoming increasingly popular due to the ease with which they can be imported into countries where they are not manufactured. Efficient shipping solutions are needed in cases where cars require importation following purchase from an online retailer. When you can buy a car online and have it shipped to your front door it offers a range of benefits including convenience and peace of mind. 

The Challenge of Distance 

Compared to buying a car from a dealership, buying a car from another city or country involves facing a host of logistics challenges. Without using a car shipping company, buyers must travel internationally and also maintain responsibility for ensuring customs documentation is in order. This is very expensive and time consuming. Car shipping companies like Dolphin Cargo make this process far easier to handle, not only by picking up and delivering the vehicle, but by ensuring all the relevant paperwork is completed before the journey begins.  

Evaluating Shipping Costs 

When importing a car from an online retailer, there are several costs to consider. Costs will vary depending on the distance that must be traveled, the size of the vehicle and the shipping method chosen by the new owner. It’s fundamentally important to request quotes from your chosen car shipping company to ensure that you have budgeted enough to successfully ship and receive your imported vehicle.  

Understanding the Shipping Process 

When buying a car online, there must be extremely clear communication between the buyer, the retailer and the shipping company. The shipping company must have precise instructions regarding where the retailer is located so that they can pick up the vehicle and drive it to the nearest port: where the shipping vessel is docked. The car retailer will need precise instructions regarding who the agent responsible for picking up the vehicle is. The buyer is responsible for providing contact information for both parties to each party so that the transaction and pickup can proceed smoothly. 

Documentation and Paperwork 

When you choose Dolphin cargo to ship your car internationally, you can rest assured that we will handle all the necessary documentation and paperwork required to export your car from its country of origin and import it into Australia without a hassle. We will provide you with this documentation when you become a client – all you need to do is sign on the dotted lines. 

Receiving Your Vehicle 

After you have bought your car online and made the necessary arrangements between your retailer and Dolphin Cargo, all that’s left to do is track your shipment via our website and wait for your vehicle to be delivered. We will handle all the customs inspections and ensure your vehicle is damage-free when it arrives at your front door. 

Why Ship With Dolphin Shipping Australia?    

As well as understanding the regulations governing compliance with Australian customs laws, Dolphin Cargo offers premium door-to-door shipment of cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Enjoy peace of mind by using Dolphin Shipping Australia: you’re in good hands.