Roll On / Roll Off Service (RORO)

What is RO/RO and how does it work?

This is a question we get often as most people are not aware how this process works. 

The easiest way to describe RO/RO shipping is by thinking of a multi-level carpark, sailing from port to port. Vehicles are driven onto the vessel via a ramp and into one of the many decks of the vessel. There are multiple different levels on the vessel which accommodate for all sizes of vehicles, machinery and boats being shipped. Once a vehicle is in position it is secured from four points by lashing straps ensuring the vehicle does not move during transit and cause any damages.

It is rare that a vehicle will be out in the elements during transit as all levels are below deck, so the image of your vehicle parked on the bow of the ship mimicking Titanic is unfortunately never going to happen.

RO/RO shipping is cheap and a very safe method of transport around the world.

We generally advise against shipping any personal effects inside vehicles as theft is a possibility and the shipping line nor any marine insurance company will take any responsibility for any of these items.  Anything left inside the vehicle is shipped strictly at your own risk.

If you do have items to ship with your vehicle, we recommend either shipping them separately, or loading the vehicle and goods into a container for shipping, though this is a more expensive option it can sometimes work out better for your requirements.

Below are photos of the inside of a RO/RO vessel and during the loading and unloading of a vessel.

If you have any questions, or want to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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