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Motorcycle Shipping In Australia

There is no greater feeling than cruising an open highway on your favourite motorcycle. It is the ultimate sense of freedom and one that is hard to trade for any other mode of transportation. Motorcycles do not require a whole of space and with so many different makes and models across the world, it really is a buyer’s market.

As such, if you have spotted your next ride for sale in a foreign land, or if you are planning to embark on a tour beyond Australia’s borders, then you will undoubtedly require the assistance of an international motorcycle shipping service.

International Motorcycle Shipping

Here at Dolphin Shipping, we are the preeminent choice for bikers who want to ensure that their motorcycle will be handled with care, professionalism and will be collected and delivered as and when they expect. Our 30 years in the business afford us a wealth of knowledge and so, no matter what the obstacles crop up, you can depend on our highly trained and experienced team to find an appropriate solution to keep things on track.

Our service is customer-focused and we believe in open communication to ensure that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible. We want you to sit back safe in the knowledge that your wheels are being well looked after and that the price you paid was a worthwhile investment that saves you both time and hassle.

Your Motorcycle Shipping Options

Because of the size of the majority of motorcycles, a lot less space is required compared to a car, truck or any other vehicle. As such, here at Dolphin Shipping, the extent of the services that we can provide to motorcyclists is more comprehensive.

For motorcycle shipping to and from Australia, you can choose between sea freight and air freight. Those that are in less of a rush and want to save a little money on the cost of transportation will most likely be drawn toward the former. Depending on the number of bikes that you want to transport you may have a number of options open to you.

A full container service will secure all of the bikes that you want to ship in one or as many containers as you require. Once they are packed and secured within they will not be accessible until they arrive at their destination port for delivery.

Loose container service is essentially a shared container option. You may not have enough bikes to ship that would require a full container and so sharing it with other bikes that are in transit is a more economical and efficient means to achieving your goal.

Finally, our RO/RO shipping service, or Roll-On/Roll-Off service, is also available and this will see your bike or bikes secured in a multi-storey parking lot type structure in the hull of our ship, where they will be properly secured while in transit and then rolled back off the boat on arrival.

Start Motorcycle Shipping In Australia With Us

At Dolphin Shipping, we encourage those transporting motorcycles to consider marine insurance, and we can also provide you with a comprehensive policy that will cover you from end-to-end. It is also recommended that you clean your bike thoroughly for quarantine inspection, prior to collection, leave no more than a quarter tank of fuel and to take close up photos of both sides.

If you are ready to ship or receive and need motorcycle shipping in Australia, then there truly is no better choice than the team here at Dolphin Shipping. Enquire today and organise a quote.

Dolphin Shipping specialises in multi-national shipping & logistics in Sydney. We help clients import vehicles into Australia, as well as helping customers ship their cars to Australia. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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Whatever your favoured ride, Dolphin Shipping can help get your motorbike to its destination ready to ride.

Using our simple 3-step process makes it simple for you and takes away the need to become an expert in customs and quarantine rules.

We provide and handle the complete process, from shipping, Customs and Quarantine clearance, packing, transport, delivery and insurance. We have the option to suit your needs.

Motorcycles can be shipped using quite a few different methods. Air Freight or Sea Freight are both available with Sea Freight options being: Full Container service for more than 1 bike, Loose Container for a shared container option, or our Roll on, Roll off (RORO) service.

We can also arrange to have your motorbike crated for shipping.

Contact us with details of the bike and where you’re shipping from and we’ll advise the best way to proceed. 

Motorcycle Shipping Key Tips:

  • Ensure your motorbike has less than a quarter of fuel in tank (it won’t be shipped with more).
  • Ensure that you thoroughly clean your motorbike, paying particular attention to the wheels and guards. (Biosecurity services will be looking for mud, plant material and insects).
  • Ensure you consider marine insurance (we can provide a comprehensive policy covering origin pickup to destination drop off).
  • Remember to take close up photos of both sides of your motorbike.