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Shipping Machinery To Australia

Contractors that use heavy machinery as part of their daily services don’t usually spend all of their time in just one country, or on one continent. Specialist machinery that completes intricate and heavy-duty work may not always be available from one country to another, and the schedules under which these behemoths are managed are usually quite tight. Those that are planning on shipping machinery to Australia, whether it is for a contract, or as an acquisition for your own enterprise, are encouraged to get in touch with the team here at Dolphin Shipping.

Shipping Machinery to Australia?

For over three decades we have shipped vehicles and machinery of all sizes and so you can rely on us to make the move from one landmass to another seamless and as hassle-free as possible. We appreciate that the size of the machines that you need to move may require adjustments and outside the box thinking to make it possible to transport them at a price that makes sense.

Where we excel is in working with our clients to determine the best possible solution that achieves the most economical rates and achieves the transition from one location to the next with maximum efficiency. Our highly experienced team can even drop out to your site and troubleshoot the various options that are available and determine the best path forward that fits with what you hope to achieve.

How To Arrange Machinery Transport

When it comes to machinery transport, it is not always a simple case of loading up the item for transportation. While this works in some instances, the reality is that the weight you need to move and the shape of the machine may require dismantling.

At Dolphin Shipping, we offer RO/RO services, Breakbulk vessels and container shipping to ensure that your options are not limited and more solutions can be determined. Rest assured that when it comes to experience, our team have a reputation that is second to none. We have transported everything from break bulk cargo to earth moving equipment, Ag machinery and construction equipment and all without any hassle being incurred by our clients.

The true value in our service is found in the door-to-door shipping options that we afford you. No matter what equipment you hope to move, we can take charge of the entire process and look after all aspects including insurance, customs and quarantine and we will pick-up and drop off your cargo at pre-determined locations.

When shipping machines that have cost you a considerable amount of money and are key assets to the delivery of your services, it is imperative that you can access a transport company that can offer a dependable and safe path from country to country, and who will keep you fully informed throughout the process.

Begin Shipping Machinery To Australia From Other Countries

At Dolphin Shipping, we want to bring ease of mind to each of our customers no matter where we are collecting and delivering their vehicles and machinery to and from. Our unique and proactive approach to problem-solving makes us a superior choice for those who truly cannot leave anything to chance and must secure the best machinery transport service possible.

Rest assured that the quote you receive from our team will include no hidden costs and you won’t receive any unexpected or nasty surprises in this regard. We believe in open communication, excellence in everything we do and to continue to be the best choice for those that are planning on shipping machinery to Australia. Call today and let us move your heavy machinery with ease.

Dolphin Shipping specialises in multi-national shipping & logistics in Sydney. We help clients import vehicles into Australia, as well as helping customers ship their cars to Australia. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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We understand how hard it can be to ship a large piece of heavy machinery into and out of Australia. Why don't you let us take care of all the technical aspects of shipping for you.

The Dolphin Shipping team will work out the best option for your heavy machinery shipping. It could be dismantling and loading into a container, or combining pieces together to get the best rates and services to suit your needs.

Our dedicated team can even come out to your site to assist you with looking at the best options and providing feedback on any questions you may have. 

Using a Roll on / Roll off (RORO) service or Breakbulk vessel, we can provide you with door to door shipping options for any piece of equipment into and out of Australia. Local and Interstate deliveries can be handled by our in house team and we will always be in contact with you during the process. We transport all Construction Equipment, Ag Machinery, Break Bulk Cargo, Earth Moving Equipment and more.

When importing into Australia, it is very important to remember the strict quarantine laws we have. Quarantine will inspect all used equipment coming into Australia, whether arriving by RO/RO, containerised or Breakbulk, and any goods found to have bio-risk material will be ordered for a quarantine wash at an approved quarantine depot. Any goods that do not pass the second Quarantine inspection once cleaned will be required to have further treatment or have to be exported out of the country again or destroyed at the importers expense.

In summary, we offer an easy to use & reliable Heavy Machinery shipping with no hidden costs. Construction Equipment, Ag Machinery, Break Bulk Cargo, Earth Moving Equipment & more!

Contact our team to discuss the best option for your needs.