Is Car Shipping Safe? 

17 Aug 2022

Car shipping, or, indeed, any form of freight shipping can be perceived as fraught with risk. Stormy seas have capsized many a-vessel before; to the loss of the owners of the cargo. Even AusPost is known to have lost packages on occasion. While the vast majority of car shipments arrive safely at their destination, unfortunate circumstances can sometimes mean this doesn’t happen. If you are importing or exporting an expensive asset you will want to know it is safe at all times during transit. There are a few steps you can take to ensure your vehicle is kept as safe as possible during its journey overseas. 

What Are The Risks of Car Shipping? 

The primary risks of car shipping include loss of ship, damage to the vehicle, loss of shipment info and problems at customs. The first two risks identified above are usually unavoidable when they happen, however there are still steps you can take to protect your vehicle. Loss of shipment and problems at customs are easily avoided. We explain more below. 

How Can I Minimise The Risks of Car Shipping? 

If a boat goes under, then, unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to retrieve your cargo. If you have taken out insurance, however, you should be covered for the value of the asset at the time of departure. Taking out insurance is highly recommended when car shipping because most international carriers (Dolphin Cargo included) do not insure their cargo by default. 

Of second most importance to insurance comes ensuring you select a shipping company with a good reputation and plenty of experience. Inexperienced sailors have been known to skip a knot tying down cargo, the consequences of which include damaged cargo on arrival. Choose a company with clear terms and conditions and good user reviews to keep your cargo safe. 

Next, ensure you purchase tracking with your cargo to make sure you can check its whereabouts at all times. This is particularly helpful if a carrier at any stage during transport claims they have lost the asset. By checking its last-known location you can find out who’s responsible if this happens. 

Finally, to avoid any additional fees, delays, and stress at customs, all necessary documents regarding the ownership of the car have to be collected before the shipment leaves. You should provide us with a copy of your government-issued ID, the valid title, Bill Of Sale, and information about the international consignee. 

Is Car Shipping Really Safe? 

To summarise, although there are several risk factors involved with shipping a car internationally, these can be easily mitigated in most circumstances. By performing your due diligence before enlisting the services of Dolphin Cargo you can enjoy peace of mind knowing our experienced team will get your cargo to its destination safely and on-time.