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Shipping from Asia to Australia is what we pride ourselves on. We currently ship over 2000 vehicles per year from the region to all major cities in Australia. Our knowledge is at the forefront of the used car industry.

If you have a vehicle in Japan you want to move to Australia, speak to us before you organise anything! We have a vast agency set up in Japan that handles all aspects of the shipping and quarantine pre-clearance before loading so there is less time the vehicle spends at the Australian port before we can deliver it to you! We have 5 monthly Sailings from Osaka, Nagoya and Yokohama into the east coast of Australia and feeder vessel that service Adelaide and Fremantle. 

We have an all in rate that covers everything you will be charged with no hidden fee's. 

Our process is simple and reliable as we have a partner agent in Japan called Daiwa Logistics ( which will help to import cars from Japan to Australia.


  • Enquire and provide details of your vehicles.
  • We’ll send you a comprehensive quote.
  • Next, you’ll be required to meet the required vehicle import approval. Please contact us for more information or click here for information on the import approval process.
  • Once approval is granted, a booking is made and shipment details are provided to you.
  • Vehicles are shipped to your destination.


  • Vehicle Purchasing in Asia
  • Export bookings in Asia
  • Full ocean freight from Asia to Australia
  • Marine insurance
  • Shipping line surcharges
  • Document handling
  • Arrival port service charges in Australia
  • Arrival Customs clearance and handling

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