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International Car Shipping To Australia

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There is nothing more frustrating than shopping for something that you desperately want only to realise that it is not available in your own country.

While this isn’t too much of a problem for the run of the mill goods and products, when it comes to finding that perfect car this poses a considerably larger challenge. However, while a little thinking outside the box is required, the reality is that international car shipping to Australia is a service that is readily accessible.

Here at Dolphin Shipping, we have over 30 years of experience bringing cars and vehicles of all kinds into and out of Australia.

International Car Shipping

As specialist importers and exporters of everything from cars to trucks, caravans, motorhomes, machinery, boats and motorbikes, as well as air and sea freight, our service endeavours to make it possible for you to access a professional team that take a customer-centric approach to their work.

We believe that communication is an essential component in business and so we excel in this regard and do our utmost to ensure that our customers have full and complete knowledge about our process, and with regards to their shipping.

Furthermore, no matter where you want to bring in your car from, or send your car to, rest assured that we will be able to find a solution and accommodate you. With sailings from multiple ports in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, you can feel confident in our international car shipping capabilities. 

Should You Think About Car Shipping To Australia? 

Another frustration for those that are planning to make the move from their home country to Australia is having to part ways with their trusty car. But, given that car shipping to Australia is accessible then is it really worth the effort to bring it with you? We believe that you stand to benefit from taking your motor with you, and here’s why.

First of all, no matter what kind of car you have the likelihood is that when you try to sell it, even if it is in top condition, you will have to take a financial hit. You will essentially be handing over a great car to someone for a lot less than it is worth, and will likely regret that decision before too long.

Here at Dolphin Shipping, we believe that if you are moving to Australia, car shipping is a good idea, especially if you intend to try and find something similar once you have settled. The reason for this is that imported cars tend to run a little more expensive here and so you may be faced with having to settle for something you’re not quite as proud of, because it may be more within your means.

Finally, who really wants to get rid of a car that they love and know inside-out? You know its service history, you know where its been and what you can expect of it, and you have a lot of fond memories tied up in it, so instead of selling, think about car shipping.

We Are The Experts In International Car Shipping To Australia

At Dolphin Shipping, we are the ultimate one-stop shop for all of your needs. Our end-to-end service is designed to make the transportation process as simple as possible for our customers. We look after everything from insurance to shipping to customs and quarantine clearance, to packing, transport and delivery.

So, for the best car shipping, Australia has to offer, look no further than right here at Dolphin Shipping. We look forward to helping you get what you need where you need it with little hassle or fuss.

Dolphin Shipping specialises in multi-national shipping & logistics in Sydney. We help clients import vehicles into Australia, as well as helping customers ship their cars to Australia. Browse our website further or contact us for more details.

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Dolphin Shipping is an expert in the import and export of quality new and used vehicles to Australia. We ship to and from multiple ports all over the world.

Our door to door service lets you relax knowing we will handle shipping your vehicle from A to Z at a cost effective and simple solution.

We offer 2 types of shipping, Roll on / Roll off (RO/RO), and containerized. This gives you the best options for high value vehicles that you may want protected by a container, or the cheapest option for shipping by utilizing a RO/RO service.

We offer a simple three-step streamlined shipping process. You tell us what you want. We’ll have it picked up, packed, shipped (handling all relevant documentation) and delivered to your door. We’re the experts so you don't have to be.

Our service is end to end and tailored to suit your needs. It can include: shipping, customs and quarantine clearance, packing, transport, delivery and insurance. We can even purchase your vehicle from a dealer using our Transit Finance options.

There are often many solutions to your shipping needs. The more information you provide us the better we are able to find the solution that is right for you.

We believe communication is the most important aspect of our job. Usually we will have informed you of any updates regarding your shipping before you even ask us the question. 

Our prices are guaranteed, if we have not quoted you for it, we will not bill you for it. NO hidden fee's or agendas in our car relocation service.


Different Methods for Shipping a Car

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO)

Roll on / Roll off, or “RORO”, is considered the cheapest and most simple option for shipping your car. The cargo is “rolled on” the vessel at the port of loading, and “rolled off” again at the point of destination.

It’s important to note that you cannot ship personal effects while using RORO and any inner cargo will not be accepted on board. 

Dolphin Shipping recommends using RO/RO shipping over Container shipping, unless you have more than 1 vehicle to ship, in which case it is better to use the container option.

Container Shipping

This option tends to be more expensive due to packing / unpacking and container transport costs, but can be a great option if you have more than 1 vehicle or extra items to ship along with your vehicle.

When choosing container shipping, it’s important to remember that all extra items must be accounted for and any boxes marked clearly. Providing us a list of contents will ensure no items are missed when emptied for Quarantine/Customs inspections in Australia.

Transit Times

Transit times vary around the world and also depend on direct or transhipment services. 

Europe and UK - Approximately 55 Days

America - Approximately 50 Days

New Zealand - Approximately 10 Days

Asia - Approximately 20 Days


Australia has strict rules regarding vehicle imports so it is best to make sure your vehicle qualifies when applying for a Vehicle Import Approval.
Contact our team now to discuss the best option for shipping your vehicle.