The Extra Mile

The Extra Mile

It was only a couple of months ago when we got the call about 11 Front Traction Citroen built between 1938-1956 getting shipped from France. Reason? The Tracbar Dundee Rally, a tour starting in Perth, and ending in Brisbane via Uluru. These seasoned travellers had journeyed through the deserts of Africa and the canyons of North America before taking on the Outback and the spectacular sights it has to offer.

Game Over?

The Vehicles arrived into Fremantle in 5 Containers. The organisation had applied for ATA Carnet’s fortheir vehicles but unfortunately Australian Customs do not allow vehicles under ATA Carnet to be driven on Australian roads. The Dolphin team tried to have the Carnet’s changed to a CPD Carnet but unfortunately that was an impossible task. After months of planning and transit into Australia, it was looking like the vehicles were going to be refused entry to Australia and told to ship back to France.

The Show Must Go On!

Using their knowledge of the vehicle import regulations  in Australia, the Dolphin Shipping team knew they could apply for a Vehicle Import Approval for each vehicle manufactured prior to 1989. Usually it takes 3 weeks to get approvals confirmed by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, but working fast the team got the approvals through in 48 hours and were able to apply to the Temporary Import Scheme to allow import of the vehicles without any GST or Duties to be paid on clearance. Not many companies have the experience and knowledge to go the extra mile for their customer, and that is what sets us apart from the competition. 


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