Hit the road, Jack! (and Kath, Bill, Mary and all your friends)

Hit the road, Jack! (and Kath, Bill, Mary and all your friends)

Do you dream of packing up your life and hitting the road in an RV or motorhome, cruising the roads of our great country with your house behind you and the ability to choose your next overnight location on a whim?

The purchase of a motorhome can seem daunting. It’s different to a passenger vehicle and you need to think about different things.

On top of that they can be expensive!

That’s where the team at Dolphin Cargo comes in. We are experts in used vehicle imports and our team can help you get a fantastic price on imported UK motorhomes and get you on the road.

Whether you imagine reliving the 70s in a lovingly restored original VW Kombi van or you’re after a top of the line motorhome or caravan, we can help.

Our team have a simple three-step process to make importing a vehicle easy. We handle your paperwork, meaning you don’t have to deal with the headaches of quarantine and customs paperwork.

“Once my husband and I retired we were keen to take the time to explore the corners of our country we hadn’t made it to. After visiting a few expos and researching online we realised importing a second-hand vehicle from the UK was the best option for us – we got to choose from a great range of vehicles, the price was significantly lower than those sold locally, and it arrived quickly, without us having to become experts in customs or quarantine rules. The Dolphin Cargo team made it easy, and now we’re off on our adventures.”

Maybe you’re planning a trip around the UK or Europe in a motorhome. We can help you find a vehicle in the UK, enjoy your sojourn around the continent, then help you ship it home.

Call our team now to find out about available vehicles and our simple three-step process.